Karins blog "To reach your dreams you'll need to exceed yourself"

Hi there everyone, here’s a bit about me!

After eight years as a professional Beach volleyball player and five years as a national team player, my goals and values remain. I do what I do with a wholehearted professional conviction that I can exceed myself and reach new heights as an athlete.

The summer of 2010, 2011 and 2012 I played the Swedish Beach Tour(SBT). The first two years I played with Naiana and Raquel Ferreira, two Brasilian partners I played with on the Brasilian tour, Banco do Brasil. The last year I played with Tora Hansson. During these three years I lost only one tournament on SBT.

Besides playing in Sweden I’ve had the privilege to play the Brasilian tour, Banco do Brasil in which I in 2011 set a record as the first European to reach the semifinals. A couple of months later I managed to win a Bronze medal which I regard as my biggest achievement so far.

As of 2013, one of Swedens biggest talents, Nina Graweneder and I have teamed up to begin our road and dream, to reach the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

So far the 3 month Beachcamp in Brasil has gone well and we feel ready for this years tour to start.

Lots of excitement! Even though a lot has been achieved over the years I’m not even close to growing tired of Beach volleyball. Just the opposite! I’m ready to take the next step and and head out for bigger challenges.


Below you’ll find out more of our current and future adventures 

2013 update – At last, it’s time!

At last! Time for our premiere this year on the World Tour. This time its Corrintes, Argentina, starting on the 22 of May. There’s been a lot of uncertainties concerning the rules of which tournaments we’d be eligible to participate in. Recently it’s been decided…

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Training in Gothenburg

I’m currently training in Gothenburgs Beach Arena which happens to be the biggest and most modern Beach Volleyball Arena in the world! Great sand and visual surroundings.. See you there?=)

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